Who we are

We are a team of communications professionals with decades of experience working for companies who look to involve people in their business activities

Our Team

We only employ emotionally intelligent people as we believe this is the core competency of all stakeholder engagement and community relations practitioners. We have a team that is made up of experts in their fields so, as well as stakeholder engagement specialists, have spent years putting together a first-rate team of copy-writers, media specialists, campaigners, event managers and data analysts – among others. The full EQ team is shown below.

James Garland

Managing Director

A former Director at Green Issues, Partner at Instinctif and Managing Director of Westbourne Communications, James has over 20 years’ communications experience. With a background that includes media relations and public affairs, he now specialises in stakeholder relations and community engagement.

James has worked with some of the UK’s biggest companies in sectors including housing, energy, infrastructure and new technology. He co-founded EQ Communications in June 2017 to work with clients who genuinely seek to build trusted relationships with their stakeholders.


Lucy James

Managing Director

Lucy is a former Partner at Westbourne Communications, where she built up a stakeholder and community engagement practice to complement the company’s public affairs work. Prior to that she worked for counter-terrorism thinktank Quilliam, where she advised the Government on deradicalisation.

Lucy specialises in working in the development, transport, infrastructure and energy sectors, planning and implementing engagement strategies to foster dialogue between stakeholders and businesses.

She set up EQ Communications because she passionately believes that companies make better decisions when they involve the people who matter most to their business.


Nick Carthew

Account Director

After being elected as a Councillor in the London Borough of Richmond, Nick moved into working full time in politics. In a 25 + year career he held a variety of roles heading up communications, leading policy teams, writing manifestos and advising the then Deputy Prime Minister.

For the past five years, Nick has specialised in helping to develop media and engagement strategies for clients seeking to communicate more effectively with their stakeholders.


Vincent Luxmoore

Account Executive

Before moving into stakeholder engagement, Vince trained as a teacher. He has a background in statistics and data analysis. He uses these skills to produce detailed reports based on consultation feedback to inform our clients’ business activities.

Vince specialises in using online platforms and social media to build dialogue between communities and businesses. He also provides support to the EQ team to ensure the smooth delivery of all consultation and engagement events.


Hally Ingram

Account Director

Hally specialises in the field of dialogue and engagement, giving people a voice on issues that matter to society. Her work includes facilitating group discussions on complex and sensitive topics including health, heritage, transport and ecosystem management.

She was formerly External Affairs Advisor on Iran for Shell. To add depth to her work in dialogue and engagement, Hally obtained an MSC in Psychology (distinction) at Birkbeck, University of London, where she researched early signs of autism in toddlers.


Hannah Wynne

Account Director

Hannah is a specialist in community and stakeholder engagement. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge on consultation best practice and knows what is required to deliver robust, meaningful engagement within the climate of legal scrutiny, well-armed local campaigns and judicial reviews.

Hannah has broad experience from both the public and private sectors, on both major planning projects and significant policy changes. She has worked on many projects that are of major national or regional importance but ignite an intense local reaction.


Jessica Topham

Account Director

Jess is a dedicated stakeholder and community relations practitioner, with over 15 years’ experience working both in the UK and overseas for specialist agencies.

She specialises in using innovative online engagement tool, Engagement HQ, to proactively involve communities in her clients’ projects, fostering ongoing dialogue.

She has worked across a range of sectors including retail and commercial development as well as tidal and solar energy, where she has with a proven track record of building trusted relationships with stakeholders and communities.


Cyra Parkes

Account Manager

Cyra has worked in engagement and public relations for over sixteen years, focusing on the property, retail, education and renewable energy sectors.

She has extensive experience of devising and implementing programmes of public and stakeholder engagement, building trusted relationships with stakeholders and communities.

She is also a highly adept campaigner; skills she uses to nurture and mobilise genuine local support for clients’ development proposals.


Lara Haworth

Account Manager

Lara is a writer, artist and researcher. Her writing has been published in numerous books and magazines and her art installations have toured the world, including exhibitions in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the States.

Lara specialises in facilitating stakeholder workshops, analysing feedback and producing reports structured and written in a way that fosters understanding of often highly complex, technical subjects.


Aceil Haddad

Account Manager

Aceil is an experienced stakeholder engagement and local public affairs practitioner who has worked with many of the UK’s largest housebuilders and property companies. With an academic background in Urban Studies and Geography, coupled with practical experience in the field and a keen interest in current affairs, she brings huge depth of knowledge to the team.

She is also an experienced political campaigner and uses these skills to build support for clients’ development proposals through an inclusive approach to stakeholder and community relations.


Michelle Thurgood

Account Manager

Michelle is a highly experienced communications professional as well as being a current serving councillor in Tamworth, where she is also cabinet member for Housing.

She previously headed up community and stakeholder engagement for Tarmac, promoting strategic land sites through the planning process.

She also has a good deal of experience in aviation, rail and infrastructure, having previously worked for Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and HS2 Ltd.


Roz Hutchings

Account Manager

Roz is a media relations specialist with a background in news editing and broadcast. You may have heard her reading the news on Jack FM, co-hosting the breakfast show on The Breeze or presenting her own news show on Original 106.5.

She has also been a secondary school Performing Arts teacher. Prior to joining EQ, Roz was Head of Community Engagement at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Bristol, where she ensured local people were given a voice in the redevelopment of the ground.


Abby Watson

Account Executive

Abby is a professional editor, copy writer and proof reader. Prior to joining us, Abby worked at the European Parliament as a translator and editor. She also worked as lead editor on a new series of GCSE grammar & translation workbooks.

Her role at EQ is to review all of our collateral to ensure it is written in clear, concise language and is always free of errors.


Sofia Wiecko

Finance Manager

Sofia joined EQ Communications in 2017 to oversee all of the financial and administrative operations, working collaboratively with clients and suppliers.

Sofia has over 15 years’ experience in financial accounting. Prior to joining EQ, Sofia held finance roles at 2 private equity funds, where she specialised in Financial Conduct Authority compliance. Believing in giving back to the community, Sofia is active in a number of local charities.


Richard Ford

Account Manager

Richard is a highly adept retail and property communications specialist. He previously oversaw community engagement on behalf of McDonalds, where his work to involve residents in local decision making resulted in the company securing planning permission for over 50 sites across the UK.

Richard is also a sitting councillor on Tamworth Council where he plays an active role on matters relating to planning and development.


Ben Thrush

Account Manager

Ben is a writer, editor and designer with over 15 years’ experience. After returning to the UK from Japan he began his career in publishing at advertising industry bible Campaign Magazine. In 2011, he launched his own publication: Inapub magazine, the leading monthly title for publicans.

At EQ, Ben’s role is to provide support in the production of our client’s stakeholder participation and consultation reports, placing an emphasis on ensuring all the materials we produce are presented in a clear, concise and accessible way.


There is a difference between working together and working in the same office

Daniel Goleman

A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other

Simon Sinek

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