We help companies make better decisions by finding ways to involve people who have a stake in what they do

What we believe

We believe the most important characteristic of a skilled communications professional is empathy – an understanding of how information will be perceived by people and how it will make them feel. This understanding is our differentiating factor. It is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence – EQ.

Humans are social animals who thrive on the relationships they build with others. Establishing common ground, looking for opportunities to work together and seeking areas of compromise are the ways in which we forge meaningful relationships. This is central to how we approach all of our projects.

Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand

Albert Einstein

Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions

Robert K. Cooper. Ph.D

How we can help

All of the services we provide for our clients are designed to build dialogue between companies and people.

Strategy and planning

The best communications strategies are based on an understanding of what motivates people to behave in the way they do.

We produce communications strategies that are creative, multi-faceted and appropriate for our clients and the audiences they wish to involve. We use a range of methods and channels to ensure that we reach the right people in the right way.

Research and insight

We produce in-depth research papers to inform our clients’ communications. We supplement the insight we gain through desk-based research by actually asking people how they feel.

We use methods such as focus groups, street surveys and outreach engagement to understand how our clients’ proposals, projects and messages will be perceived by the people with whom they wish to communicate.

Stakeholder engagement

Companies make better decisions when they involve those people who have a stake in their business.

We specialise in using a range of methods including workshops, panels and forums to involve and build relationships with community, business, political and environmental stakeholders. We use the insight we gain from these to inform and shape our clients’ plans.

Public consultation

We plan and implement programmes of public consultation that are inclusive, open and that genuinely seek to involve people. We reach out to those who may not normally participate and seek to build trust and understanding.

We use public exhibitions, stakeholder workshops and online engagement methods to inform detailed consultation reports which show how our clients’ plans have evolved by involving the people who matter most.

Community relations

We look for ways for our clients to work collaboratively with people who have a stake in what they do. We know that not everything our clients do will be viewed positively by people but we always ensure that we are open and transparent as this is how relationships are built.

We use a range of engagement techniques including liaison groups, site visits and drop-in sessions to involve people in our clients’ projects to create a legacy for communities.

Political engagement

Politicians in all tiers of government are generally motivated by a desire to get the best results for the people they represent.

The EQ team includes a number of current and former politicians. We use our knowledge of politics, along with our own social intelligence, to identify and explore areas where there is scope for cooperation and to establish positive working relationships with politicians of all parties.

Digital engagement

We use digital engagement to maximise the number of people who can shape and influence our clients’ business activities.

We use tools such as online surveys and push polls to gauge sentiment and see where there is scope for change. We use social media platforms to raise awareness and reach out to younger people. In doing so, we broaden the breadth of engagement and build credibility for the decisions our clients make.

Construction communications

Relationships with the people who matter most do not end with a planning permission.

Our aim is to foster an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to identify how we can work together to build a legacy for communities. We use forums, liaison groups and online engagement methods to keep people informed of our clients’ plans – including potential disruption – and involve them long-term.

Design and content creation

How materials look is an important factor in how they make people feel. We specialise in taking complex information and presenting it in a way that is clear, concise and accessible

We create engaging content including video, infographics and interactive websites that enable our clients to communicate with people in a way that seeks to build understanding and encourage participation.